"The new facilities at our school have brought the KS3 and KS4 Food Technology and GCSE Catering to life. All pupils display positive aspirations and Catering has become a real Hub of the school with all year groups thriving in the environment and showing demonstrable progress since September. I feel this is due to them having a learning environment that reflects the subject. The refurbishment of the Catering room allows me to teach in an environment that helps promote all aspects of Catering to pupils in school and, increasingly to the wider community. The pupils are now in an environment that offers them the opportunity to experience facilities closer to industry style catering standards. Many of the pupils are aspiring to be trained chefs and hope to run their own businesses, something which, I believe, would not have been possible without the Savoy Educational Trust money to transform the facilities."
Miss Bentley, Head of Food Technology – St. George's School, Blackpool

"The new design of the kitchen with wider walkways and individual work pods have allowed the kitchen to become a safe and accessible working space suitable for all to use. The introduction of induction stoves, new lighting and upgraded extraction have all added to the experience and sustainability agenda. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the Trustees of the Savoy Educational Trust for their support. It is very much appreciated."
Jackie Howie, Deputy Principal – Angus College, Arbroath

"The facilities that we have to work with in the kitchen are fantastic and this really helps with our preparation for work. I absolutely love studying in this environment and feel that the equipment and support we receive here are helping me to achieve my goal of becoming a Michelin Chef."
Aaron Bezant, Student – Cornwall College Saltash

"Great Yarmouth College are extremely grateful for the support received from the Savoy Educational Trust. The impact of the sponsorship has been outstanding. Prior to this year the College had an outdated restaurant that was built in the 1980's. There was an urgency to bring the facilities up to date to reflect industry needs and requirements and also to attract learners to our industry. The grant which was matched by the College has allowed 'Ambitions' restaurant to be completely refurbished to a high modern standard. We now have an excellent facility that our learners, customers and staff are extremely proud of. This without question would not have been possible without the support of the Trust who have once again enabled our learners to access excellent training facilities at the start of their careers in hospitality"
Kevin Bayes, Director of Teaching and Learning – Great Yarmouth College

"This programme goes from strength to strength and builds a keen interest in a culinary career, which is increasing numbers onto our full time programme 16+. Young people who join the programme and gain skills by working and learning with an expert professional chef in an industry standard kitchen have become more confident and enthused in joining full time programmes. From September 2011 College budgets were reduced by central government so additional activities such as the Junior Chefs Academy could only be offered on a commercial basis. The fees would be prohibitively high would which limit the opportunity to young people, thus reducing our ability to widen participation for all. The College has a strategic role to play in the regeneration of the local economy, which in South Devon largely depends on the Hospitality and Tourism sector. It is recognised that there is a need for quality service and first-rate culinary skills. In developing these initiatives with the support of the Savoy Educational Trust we will be equipping our young people with workplace skills and knowledge required to secure employment in the future, raising expectations, quality and standards."
David Galpin, Section Head Catering, Hospitality and Tourism – South Devon College

"This facility will greatly enhance the realistic work environment for our students who as a result of the success of the College are increasing in numbers to an extent that we needed to make the modifications to accommodate structured teaching and learning at the highest level and, of course, provide the best of dining experiences for our guests. We are so excited and delighted that the Savoy Educational Trust has supported our venture in funding and made this fantastic development possible. The students and staff are most excited at the opportunities available as a result!"
Gerry Shurman, Head of Catering, Hospitality and Travel – South Downs College

"In 2011, 14 applications were received, 4 were shortlisted and one was awarded. The winner, James Turton, travelled to Germany to undertake a study entitled 'Using the German 'Berufsausbildung' to improve the United Kingdom's Hotel Managers of the Future'. This paper was featured as part of the winning entry to the Master Innholders Student Competition which was shown at the General Managers Conference in January 2012. The paper is now also used as required reading for a discussion seminar on the topic of Human Resource Development for post graduate students in Hospitality Management."
Andrew Boer, Associate Dean of Hospitality and Retail Management – Bournemouth University

"The continued support from the Trust is crucial to our work and our mission of providing qualified graduates for the hospitality industry. The support you provide does make a huge difference. Much has been achieved over the years which we could not have done without your help."
Professor David Foskett, Head of School, The London School of Hospitality and Tourism – University of West London

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude for awarding me a St. Julian Scholarship and for funding my attendance on the 'Accelerated Talent Development Programme' at Cranfield. It has been over 8 years since I graduated with a degree in International Hospitality Management from Bournemouth University and also 8 years since I have undertaken academic development for a period of more than a couple of days. Academically I have learnt and progressed a lot over the period of the course. It has allowed me to learn a number of new skills which will be invaluable to my career and development as a manager and leader. I now look forward to putting the skills I have gained into practice and to take part in the St. Julian Scholarship alumni. I am also keen to develop passionate youngsters within the industry so that I can give a little back."
Sam Goss – Accelerated Talent Development Programme, Cranfield School of Management

"The content of the course on the General Managers Program at Cornell University was inspiring and a truly life changing learning and development opportunity. The course was well balanced covering all areas within the hotel and catering industry, as well as sharing best practice from other successful industries, furthermore the quality of the lecturers was second to none on their respective subjects. The General Managers Program at Cornell University was truly unique and inspirational and opens many doors of thinking and driving your business to a competitive advantage. Brilliant."
Hasham Soliman – General Managers Program, Cornell University

"My initial thought about this programme was that it will bring a lot more professional knowledge. It certainly did but it also developed me personally. Learning more about myself, the way I manage, the way others perceive my management. I believe this is where I have learned the most and one of the most important things that I will bring back with me to my business. This method will now help me develop other people and enable me to plan, structure, organise and finalise projects to a successful conclusion. This is where my business will gain. I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve myself and to keep learning!"
Clement Sargeni – L'Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne Summer Programme

"Despite the field of revenue management being crucial to the success of hospitality and tourism organisations, there has not been, until now, a robust qualification to support the career development of revenue management professionals. The Oxford School of Hospitality Management and Hospitality Professionals Association (HOSPA) have formed a partnership to deliver an educational programme in revenue management. This three-stage distance learning programme, which carries academic credit, focuses on both theoretical concepts and their practical application in the workplace. It has been developed with a generous grant to HOSPA from the Savoy Educational Trust."
Donald Sloan, Head of School of Hospitality Management – Oxford Brookes University

"Our in-house research department at Barnardo's has recently produced a report called 'Staying the Course'. The report takes a close, initial look at the new 16-19 Bursary Fund for England and its impact on disadvantaged young people in education and training. As part of your wonderful donation earlier this year, our Dr B's Training Restaurant has been able to establish their own student bursary fund to help those most in need and with this in mind I thought the Trustees may find the enclosed report of interest. It reinforces how important the donation from the Savoy Educational Trust has been to Dr B's and in due course I will provide you with a full update on the difference your grant has made to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged young people living in North Yorkshire today."
Vicki Hone, Trust Manager, Yorkshire – Barnardo's

"I wanted to thank you again for supporting our Skylight Caf├ęs over the past few years. You really have helped us tremendously. I have enclosed our latest impact report so that you can see the work you have helped to achieve."
Leslie, Morphy OBE, Chief Executive – Crisis

"I am delighted to confirm receipt of the generous grant from the Savoy Educational Trust. Your support will enable a further 'Get Into Cooking' programme to run in Northern Ireland, giving unemployed and disadvantaged young people the opportunity to gain vital training and work experience in the catering sector. On behalf of everyone at The Prince's Trust I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Trustees for this fantastic support and look forward to reporting on the programme in due course."
John Bailes, Development Manager – The Prince's Trust